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Garden Water Tank Water Butt

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The garden tank water butts are the perfect high volume above-ground rainwater harvesting solution. The large capacities of these water butts make them perfect for large gardens that require lots of irrigation. The high manufacturing quality and durable design ensures that this water butt can cope with high volumes of water all year round. 

The green garden tank water butt comes supplied with a transparent hose with a tap on the end. This is connected to the bottom of the water butt, with the tap sitting at the top of the tank, allowing for the water level inside the water butt to be visible very easily. 

The garden tank water butt is a container that is used to collect rainwater and store it for future use in gardening, landscaping, and other outdoor activities.

The benefits of using a water butt include water conservation, reducing water bills, and being able to water plants during dry periods or water restrictions. It also helps to reduce the pressure on public water systems during times of high demand.

It can help solve the problem of water shortages and high-water bills by collecting and storing rainwater for future use. These water butts are coloured green and made of plastic.

The water butt is typically used by gardeners, landscapers, and other individuals who need to store water for outdoor activities. The water butt can be used at any time of the year, but it is particularly useful during dry periods or water restrictions. The water butt can be used by attaching it to a downpipe on a roof or gutter system to collect rainwater, and then using a watering can or hose to access the stored water when needed. The water butt can be used in any outdoor area such as gardens, patio, and balconies.

This water butt will help you by saving money on water bills, using stored rainwater for gardening or other outdoor activities, and for the environmental benefit of reducing demand on public water systems.

The garden tank water butt comes available in three sizes 500 litres and 750 litres.

Width (mm): 880

Heights (mm): 1080

Depth (mm): 720

Weights (kg): 23

Dimensions of 750 litre tank

Width (mm): 880

Heights (mm): 1610

Depth (mm): 720

Weights (kg): 39


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