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Wasp Trap - Jasper Grasper

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This lightweight Jasper Grasper Wasp Trap will stop unwanted pest insects ruining your garden fun this summer. Garden BBQ’s and summer picnics will be enjoyable once again, with this easy to use, unobtrusive wasp and insect pest catching device. It can be emptied, cleaned and re-used.

Why use a wasp trap
Wasps turn from beneficial pollenating insects in the spring, to nuisance insect pests in late summer.
Usually by July or mid-summer they have finished constructing their nests and will become drawn to drinks and food instead of garden flowers. Their behaviour also becomes aggressive in summer as they scavenge for food and drink items from humans. This is then the time to start catching these insect pests, to stop them from ruining garden fun during the summer.

See How to Use for more information.

Please note: It is advised to only use this insect pest trap outside as to not draw garden wasps and other insect pests inside your house during the summer.

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Where to place a pest wasp trap
This insect trap is designed as a garden decoy, to attract wasps far away from unwanted areas such as garden BBQ’s or summer picnics. Place in your garden on an outside surface or hang from a garden tree.

How to use a wasp trap
To use this insect pest, trap this summer, simply fill the container up to the shaded area with one of the following solutions; vinegar, beer, fruit juice concentrate and locate the pest trap outside in your garden and always out of reach of children.

How to empty a summer wasp trap
Do not remove the lid until you have established the contents is dead.
Dispose of insect pests safely and away from children and animals- dead wasps can still sting.

Weight: 0.06kg
Material: Robust plastic

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