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Food Moth (Pantry Moth) Traps

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Our food moth trap is a highly effective, odourless pheromone trap, which is safe to use around food and is pesticide free.

This larva (maggot) of this moth can infest all dry foods including walnuts, cereals, chocolate, tea, herbs,bird food, grains, pet food etc often found in kitchen cupboards.

Our pantry moth trap is a sticky trap which has a pheromone impregnated into it, male moths are attracted to it and trapped on the sticky surface providing a warning of infestation.

Place the traps where moths are active. One per pantry/cupboard, but two or more in larger areas. Remove backing paper and stick close to where the infestation is.

Traps will last 8 weeks but keep replacing the traps until 3 months after the last moth was caught to stop further infestation.


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