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Flea and Flea Beetle Nematodes 50sq.m (2 X 25sq.m)

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Lawn flea and flea beetle nematodes are a comprehensive solution designed to tackle both the persistent pests, fleas and flea beetles, that can wreak havoc on your lawn and plants. This nematode mix, featuring Steinernema nematodes, covers up to 50 sqm, effectively targeting both types of pests. For enhanced effectiveness, two applications over a 25 sqm area, with the second treatment advised 5 to 7 days following the initial application. This pack includes two treatments to ensure all emerging larvae are captured, providing thorough protection for your lawn and plants.

Fleas not only pester our pets and bite us but can also be carried indoors, causing a broader problem in the home. Meanwhile, flea beetles feed on almost any plant leaf, with their larvae causing substantial damage to lawns by feeding on the roots. Gardening Naturally nematodes offer an effective solution against both pests, providing a proactive approach to lawn care.

Pest Appearance: Adult flea beetles are 2/3mm long, black, blue, or occasionally green with a metallic sheen. They can jump off the leaf when disturbed. Larvae found in lawns or topsoil are white with a brown head, measuring approximately 2.5mm.

Infestation Indicators: Look for small holes in the upper leaves of brassicas and various ornamentals, surrounded by pale brown scar tissue. Adult flea beetles cause the most damage by creating shallow pits and small rounded, irregular holes in leaves.

Initial Signs: Flea beetles cause damage by feeding on leaves and stems, creating shallow pits and small rounded holes unique to their feeding patterns.

Ideal Application Conditions/Soil Temp: Avoid exposing nematodes to freezing or high temperatures. The minimum soil temperature for application is 12 degrees.

Storage Guidelines: Store nematodes promptly after delivery, keeping them in the fridge or below 5 degrees until the expiry date on the package.

Application Tips: For optimal effectiveness, apply in the evening, during overcast conditions, or when rainfall is expected. Keep the soil moist for three to four weeks after application. If using over plants, water them within 30 minutes of application to wash the nematodes off the leaves and back onto the soil.

Closely mow lawns, trim bushes and remove weeds before treatment. 1. Make a stock solution by emptying one sachet into 2L of water and stir continuously. Once mixed this solution needs to be used within 4 hours. 2. Take 1L of the stock solution and pour into a separate bucket and mix with 3L of water stirring continuously. 3. Move the 4L solution from the bucket into a watering can. One watering can will treat 12.5m2. 4. Repeat this process until all the stock solution has been used then water the treated area with the watering can or a hose pipe. One nematode sachet is suitable for one treatment – repeat second treatment after 5/7 days

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