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Irrigation Hose For Irrigatia Kit 25m

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This Irrigatia flat irrigation hose is an integral part of your gardening, designed to revolutionise your garden maintenance routine. As water seeps along the micro-porous hose during each watering session, it effortlessly nourishes up to 25m of your cherished veg patch or vibrant flower beds.

With a straightforward setup process, this irrigation hose makes watering your garden a breeze, eliminating the need for laborious manual efforts. The durable heavy-duty construction, featuring an internal core and protective jacket, ensures longevity and reliability. As water gently permeates the full length of the hose, you can rest assured that your garden receives the hydration it needs.

Usage is straightforward – lay the irrigation hose on the ground, adhering to the natural contours of your garden. Secure it in place with the provided plastic stakes, exercising caution to prevent damage during cultivations. The hose can withstand seasonal changes, and if needed, connect two lengths seamlessly using the Tube / Tube connector.

Contents: 25m Flat irrigation hose, 4 Tube / Tube connectors, 10 Barb / Tube connectors, 10 End stoppers, 28 Tie straps 2.5mm x 100mm, 24 Ground securing stakes.

How To Use: Lay the length of irrigation hose on the ground as level as possible, following contours if necessary. Use plastic stakes provided to fix in place. Care should be taken not to damage the irrigation hose during cultivations. Scrape away any mulch covering before cultivation if necessary. The hose can be left in position over winter. If required two lengths of hose can be connected using the Tube / Tube connector.

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