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Easy Fence System 107cm

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Endless combinations can be constructed with this DIY Fencing system, including but not limited to cordoned paths, fence structures, rabbit or chicken runs, dog enclosures, in fact any situation where you may need to section-off areas of your garden. Easy to install, easy to store when not in use.

Components are sold separately so you can customise to your exact requirements: fence stakes, fence posts, fence panels, surface mount brackets, and wall Mounting bracket for assembly just about anywhere.

Made in steel with a triple-layered coating, then powder coated for extra weathering defence, making it a superior alternative to many other fencing solutions currently on the market.

The gridded style fencing panels have been designed with ease of installation in mind. Simply align the locking loops on both panels, insert the posts through the loops and drive it into the ground. These can be concreted into place if you wanted a permanent installation.

Available to assemble in many locations, these panels will also connect to our Hard Surface Mounting brackets for installation onto decking or hard surfaces. These can also be used in conjunction with our Wall Mount brackets to attach the fence to a wall or wooden fence for that perfectly finished look.

Please note – all components are sold separately; If assembling 2 panels together, 3 fence posts would be required.

Fence Post - to drive between panels and fence stakes

Fence Stakes - to attach at the ends of the panels when using in conjuction with surface mount brackets and/or wall mount brackets.

Fence panel - paneling to create the fence

Surface mounting bracket - to go underneath the posts to stabilise if using on decking/concrete etc

Wall mount bracket - connects to the fence stakes, pack of 2 to connect to 1 fence stake. 


107cm(H) x 121cm (w)


Finish: Double dipped galvanised with Black powder coat finish.

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