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Soil Fence Base For Composters

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The soil fence base is a specially designed composter base for the thermo-king composter and eco-king composter ranges.

The soil fence that is 740mm x 740mm is ideal for the thermo-king and eco-king 400l composters and the eco-master 300l & 450l composters.  

The soil fence that is 980mm x 980mm is ideal for the thermo-king and eco-king 400l, 600l, and 900l composters.

The soil fence provides a level base to secure the compost bin and is very easy to fit to your composter. The soil fence also creates a physical barrier between your compost bin and rodents and burrowing animals, stopping them from burrowing into the composter. The fence, however, does not deter worms and micro-organisms from passing through and accessing your compost bin.

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