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Fan Shaped Trellis for Planter

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This Fan Planter Trellis is a stylish and modern addition to any outdoor environment seeking support for plant growth.

Trellis is not only a beautiful addition to planters/potted plants but can also be used to strengthen the plants beneath and can create private, bordered sections wherever required. Fan trellis also makes utilisation of small spaces possible, by encouraging plant growth upward facilitating sun exposure, helping avoid damage from frost, animals, and people.

The industrial-styled bars complement the delicate greenery of the plants alongside them to create a bohemian appearance and improve the natural look of your outdoor space. Simply push the legs all the way into the soil in the pot/planter and wrap the plant around the structure in whichever way you would prefer, whether this be a denser covering for privacy bordering or a more spacious design with those thinner vined plants.

This fan planter trellis can be used against fences or walls or even in medium to large ceramic pots to outline certain focal points within the garden.

Available to purchase in packs of 2, 4, or 6, and standing at 91cm tall, the trellis not only offers some privacy but encourages plant health by raising flowers and crops; can also be used as a solid structure for vine tomatoes, climbing beans, or peas.


H91cm x W38cm

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