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EM Ceramic Pipes - Grey

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Our EM Ceramic Pipes offer a revolutionary approach to water enhancement, leveraging the principles of resonance and vibration. Developed by Prof. Teruo Higa, these ceramic pipes are crafted through the fermentation of clay with Effective Micro-organisms (EM) and subsequent firing at elevated temperatures, ensuring that only beneficial microorganisms remain. The result is a unique medium that retains vibrational information, contributing to the improvement of water quality and various other applications.

Positive and Beneficial Resonance: There are positive and beneficial magnetic resonances, as well as destructive ones. EM ceramic pipes are designed to retain and transfer positive resonances, contributing to overall well-being. Water serves as the medium for the transference of vital information, water extracts EM information from the clay. Each water molecule acts like a magnetic tape, absorbing and transferring magnetic resonance.

The uses are endless; from supporting the reduction of limescale deposits to extending the life of your cut flowers, EM Ceramic tubes have many benefits.

Drinking Water – soften and improve water structure.

Fruit Bowl / Salad Drawer – extend the life of your fresh food.

Aquarium – improve water quality and can support the reduction of algae growth.

Cats / Dogs – have been known to support the repel of ticks when used as a collar on animals

Cut Flowers – makes water and cut flowers stay fresher for longer.

Water Butt / Watering Can – restructures the water allowing nutrients and minerals to be available more effectively by plants driving vitality.

Conclusion: EM Ceramic Pipes provide a multifaceted solution for improving water quality and fostering positive resonance in various applications. From domestic settings to wastewater recycling, these ceramics offer a sustainable and effective approach to water enhancement.

Sold in bags of either 50pcs / 100pcs.

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