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Edible Flower Gift Set

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If you have ever wanted to add a creative flair to your cooking and baking, then you may enjoy a beautiful edible flower gift set.  

This edible flower gift set is the perfect gift for anyone you know that has an interest in edible flowers and gardening. 

The edible flower gift set is also perfect for anyone that loves baking or cooking and wants to grow their own edible flowers for decoration. Edible flowers can take cooking and baking from amateur to professional. 

The edible flower gift set contains 

Seedball edible cornflowers pack of 10

Your choice of indoor flowerpot, available in white or cool grey. They're also available in two shapes round or square. Each flowerpot has a diameter of 14cms. 

What are edible flowers? 

Simply put, edible flowers are flowers that you can eat. They can add colour, flavour, texture and decoration to a variety of dishes and are famously used in baking to add the finish touch to many cakes. 

The edible flower that comes with this gift set is cornflower. Cornflowers have a neutral taste, making them the ultimate decorative flower. You can use these edible flowers for cakes, soups, salads or anything you want. With their bright purple petals, they can elevate a dish or bakery to a new level. 

Cornflowers are easy to grow and will grow and flower all year round - making them an ideal gift for a new gardener.

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