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Eco-Master Composter

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The eco-master is a compost bin manufactured from 100% recycled material. Perfect for anyone looking for an outdoor composting solution. 

The eco-master composter features a sleek one-piece feed opening. This opening has a wind protection lid it, is easy to assemble and requires no tools, so you can begin composting straight away. 

The eco-master composter has a convenient withdrawal mechanism, which comes in the form of a big flap with a handle, so you can easily access your compost.

The eco-master has very good ventilation, which is ideal for composting as too much humidity can reduce the composting efficiency.


Volume (L): 300

Length (mm): 600            

Width (mm): 600             

Height (mm): 900            

Weight (kg): 6


Volume (L): 450

Length (mm): 700            

Width (mm): 700             

Height (mm): 1020          

Weight (kg): 9

The eco-master can be put together without tools. The side panels are plugged easily into each other, making the assembly process effortless and quick. Before you build and fill the composter you are looking for a suitable location. When choosing a location, ensure your composter is easy to access from the house and garden.


Put the composter on a flat surface.

Contact with the ground is important for composters as this allows microorganisms to thrive.

It is recommended to loosen the soil first.

Do not put the composter on asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Make sure the composter is in a sunny or only partly shadowed position.

Make sure the composter is placed in a wind-protected but not windless position. 

Wet materials should be mixed with dry ones and coarse materials with fine ones. 

Ensure that compost is damp but not too wet. 


What to put in your composter:

Fruit and vegetable matter, coffee and tea grounds, eggshells (crushed), potted plants, cut flowers, used potting soil.

What must not be put in your composter:

Meat and meat products, fish, leftovers, bread, cheese rind, bones, sick plant parts, ashes from coal and barbeque coal, cigarettes, vacuum cleaner bags, street rubbish.

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