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Dovecote Nest Box and Wi-fi Camera Gift Set

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Calling all bird lovers and watchers. The dovecote nest box and wi-fi camera gift set is the perfect gift, for you or the bird lovers you know.  

Complete with a wi-fi camera and a beautiful dovecote nest box, meaning you can stop looking up DIY birdhouses or how to build a birdhouse at home.

Watch recorded footage of the birds that visit your garden, or even live stream the birds as they enjoy their new nest box.

Dovecote Nesting Box

This decorative nesting box for birds features the classic dovecote style. The box has a small slot for hanging and access from the back so that you can clean.


Please see How To Use or Additional Downloads for assembly instructions, Specification for product details, or More Information on dovecote bird houses and setting up the camera or other general FAQs.

You can also download the Green Feathers app on your smartphone or tablet to watch the birds in HD.

The Dovecote Nest Box and Wi-Fi Camera Gift Set will come gift wrapped.

Notes: The 3rd gen Wi-Fi camera can be mounted anyway you like as you can flip the video footage in the app later. If you have the TV camera option, you need to make sure that the smaller night vision lens is underneath the main lens for the video to be the correct way up.

Step 1: Remove the back panel off the bird house by removing the bottom middle screw and three smaller screws on the bracket, this will then allow you to remove the back panel and allow more room to work.

Step 2: Lay the back panel flat on a surface either side up. Mark 4cm down from the top of the panel and approximately 8.5cm in from the side. Use a 5mm-6mm drill bit and drill a hole through to the other side. Please use the necessary safety equipment.

Step 3: Thread the bolt through from the painted side of the panel to the non-painted side until around 1cm of the bolt is appearing on the other side. Sit the camera bracket on top of the bolt, hold the bracket in place with one hand, and with a screwdriver tighten the bolt. Please note when doing this make sure the camera lens is facing downwards.

Step 4: At this stage we would recommend installing the app and getting the camera up and running, this way you can then adjust the tilt of the camera to get the best picture. If you’re using a tv camera cable you can also check the tv feed to make sure the video feed is coming in the correct way. Once you’re happy with the camera position, feed the cables out of the back panel and re-install the top bracket screws. You can then choose to either gently screw back in the bottom screw or leave the screw out if you’re hanging the back panel against a tree.

Dovecote Nesting Box & Birdhouse FAQs

What is a Dovecote?

Dovecotes are structures designed to house birds such as pigeons or other little birds. They can be either free-standing or pre-built into the end of a house or an outbuilding. The shape is also often used for small nesting boxes as birds are proven to enjoy the shape.  

How big does a bird house hole need to be?

The ideal sized hole for a bird house nesting box is 32mm, this allows most birds that are attracted to nesting boxes to enter the birdhouse.

How do I attract birds to my dovecote nest box

Like most animals, birds will be attracted to your nest box by food. Place some feeders close to your dovecote nesting box and they should start to explore the space.

If you don’t already have a bird feeder, have a look at our swing seat bird feeders.

When to clean out bird nest boxes

We suggest that unused nests be withdrawn in the autumn, from September once the birds have stopped using the nesting box. Use boiling water to kill any lingering parasites, and let the box dry out thoroughly. Do not use any chemical insecticides as this can be harmful to birds.

How do birds claim a nesting box

The battle for nesting boxes and birdhouses can be intense, so birds often attempt claim a new home as soon as they're comfortable with their surroundings. To claim the nesting box, they peck around at the nest box opening hole – a visual and audible signal to other birds who might have their eye on the nesting box.

Wi-Fi Camera FAQs

Wi-Fi Connectivity
The Wi-Fi camera has built in wi-fi meaning that you can install the camera in Dovecote bird house without the need of cables. A complete wire-free wildlife experience.

Watch on Your Smartphone & Tablet
Using the official Green Feathers app, you can watch live or recorded footage of hedgehogs using an iOS or Android device.

HD Video
Records pin-crisp, high-excellent images in 1080p HD.

Simple Setup
Connects directly to your mobile or tablet during setup making it simple to get started. Voice commands from the camera will help you connect quickly.

Night Vision
Invisible infrared LEDs produce no light and keep recording The Dovecote Bird House in the dark, without disturbing the birds.

Tiny Size
The efficient size of the camera leaves more than enough room for birds and won’t disrupt any inhabitants.

Wide-Angle Lens
With a 2.8mm lens, the camera has a large field of view. It’s designed for use in confined spaces which means more of the Dovecote bird house fits in the frame.

Hear each squawk and flutter thanks to the in-built microphone picking up every little sound from the nest.

True-To-Life Colour
During daylight hours footage is recorded in vivid, bright colour.

MicroSD Card Recording
The built-in memory card slot is an easy way to record footage. Compatible with cards up to 128GB (memory card not included).

Stream online
You can stream a live feed of the camera online, with a bit of setup, to services such as YouTube to share the footage with the world.

Dovecote Nesting Box Specifications:

Dimensions: 470 x 260 x 160 mm

Weight: 1.66kg

Materials: FSC timber, Steel finished black

Colour: Natural wood, White with Black metal finishes

Special Features: Large nest box, dovecote style, handmade wooden shingles

Camera Specifications:

Image Sensor: 2MP 1/3" CMOS image sensor
Lens: 2.8mm
Resolution: Main stream: 1920×1080; Sub-stream: 640×480
Frame Rate: 20fps
Compression Format: H.264
Audio: Yes, in-built microphone
Speaker: Yes (used in setup only)
On-Board Storage: microSD card up to 128GB
Recording Modes: Continuous, motion detection
ONVIF: Supports ONVIF protocol
Night Vision: Invisible infra-red 4x LEDs (1m night vision range)
IR Cut: Built-in
Shutter: 1/25–1/10000
White Balance: Automatic
Backlight Compensation: Yes
Noise Reductions: 3D DNR
Network: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
Operating Temperature: −20°C–+50°C
Camera Dimensions: 44×44×33 mm
Power: DC 12V input, 2.1mm jack
App Supports: iOS 10.0 or later and Android 4.4 and up

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