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Cutworm Nematodes 60s.qm

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Cutworm nematodes are a targeted solution designed to combat the elusive cutworm, the nocturnal pest that poses a threat to a wide range of plants, fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. These moth larvae despite their name, are caterpillars belonging to a diverse genus. Gardening Naturally cutworm nematodes, a blend of Steinernema species, serve as a potent defence against these voracious pests.

Cutworms are known for their nocturnal activity, emerging from the soil at night to feast on plants, particularly targeting stems and cutting down the plant – hence the name.

Pest Appearance: Cutworms vary in colour, appearing as brown, yellow, or green soft-bodied caterpillars, typically around 1" in length with distinct stripes along their bodies.

Infestation Indicators: Keep an eye out for signs of cutworms, including droppings and plants that have been cut off at the base. A distinctive behaviour is their reaction when poked – they often curl up into a C-shape.

Initial Signs: Look for stems of annual plants being girdled or severed at ground level. Cutworms also feed above ground at night, especially on the leaves of low-growing herbaceous plants.

Ideal Application Conditions/Soil Temp: Avoid exposure to freezing or high temperatures. The minimum soil temperature for application is 10 degrees.

Application Tips: If using over plants, water them within 30 minutes of application to wash the nematodes off the leaves and back onto the soil.

Storage Guidelines: Store nematodes promptly after delivery, keeping them in the fridge or below 5 degrees until the expiry date on the package.

Safeguard your plants from the nocturnal menace of cutworms with Gardening Naturally Cutworm Nematodes. Follow these simple steps for effective protection and ensure the health of your garden throughout the year.

Use the entire pack. Make a stock solution by emptying the whole packet into 6L of water and stir continuously. Use this solution within 4 hours. Take 0.5L of the stock solution and pour it into a separate bucket, mixing with 4.5L of water while stirring continuously. Transfer the 5L solution from the bucket into a watering can. Apply to the soil surface around the plant stems, with one watering can treating approximately 5m2. Repeat until all the stock solution has been used, then water the treated area with the watering can or a hose pipe.

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