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Composting Worms Tiger 250g

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Essential for your wormery composter, tiger worms produce a valuable soil amendment, compost.

The wormery is perfect for anyone looking to reduce their household waste. The wormery will eat any scraps of your food or waste and turn it into a natural, organic fertiliser. You can then use this compost for all your gardening needs.

What are Tiger worms? Tiger worms, also known as Brandling, are a larger species of earthworm. They have exceptionally big appetites, which makes them perfect for composting. Tiger worms also have an unusually long, life span ranging from between one and five years.

Why are Tiger worms the best type for your wormery? These are one of the top three species native to Europe, which are best at rapidly breaking down dead, organic matter into nutrient-rich compost.

They are best for adaptability, and versatility and have a high composting rate.

These worms can be used in our wormery composters here.

Contains: 250g pouch of 50 - 70 Tiger worms

Tiger worms are supplied in soil and breathable pouches.

Please note: They will arrive in a dormant state. Allow up to a week for the worms to wake up and begin their work.

Are Tiger worms best for a wormery?

There are three native varieties of worms which are all good at the swift processing of dead organic waste into nutrient-rich compost. These are:

The Tiger worm, or the Brandling worm. Latin name: Eisenia fetida. 

The Bluenose worm, or Dendrobaena. Latin name: Dendrobaena veneta.

The Redworm, or the Red Wiggler and the Brandling worm. Latin name: Eisenia andrei.

Whilst these worms are useful and will work well in your wormery They do not compare to the capability of Tiger worms. Tiger worms are the best worms for adaptability, conditions tolerance, versatility, and composting.

Worm FAQs:

Young worms eat more than older worms and are therefore better for composting

When it comes to composting - the condition, age, size and species of worm are more important than their weight.


Height (CM): 4

Width (CM): 22

Depth (CM): 28

Weight (KG): 0.25

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