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Hot Composter in Green with Leachate Hose 200L

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Top of the range, no-turn, Aerobin hot composter. Highly effective, 200 litre hot composter combined with an internal lung means the days of having to turn compost are over!

Staying tightly compacted to hold in the heat and a moisture recirculation system means quicker composting.
This 200 litre hot composter, has an impressive design which creates an internal environment that is exceptionally efficient for healthy aerobic (hot) composting in almost all climates, all year round!

The perfect hot and humid conditions help facilitate healthy decomposer microorganisms to demolish the contents of your hot composter, taking the nitrogen and carbon from the waste and leaving a nutritionally dense, organic material which will allow your plants to thrive.

Because of its thick insulation system, nutritious compost takes just 90 days to process. It is then all set to use for your plants and flowers; ideal for herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as flowering plants.

This hot composter comes with a hose extension kit which makes for effortless extraction of the liquid fertiliser (leachate). This is a rich, nutrient packed liquid and should start collecting in the leachate tank of the hot Aerobin composter within 4-6 weeks of use followed by the compost that will start to build in the base within 8-12 weeks.

Remember using a hot composter is not only a sustainable solution that benefits you, (with a wholesome, natural alternative to industrial fertilizer) but it also helps out the environment as an effective measure to cut down on your household waste that goes to landfill.

Vermin resistant composter with a contemporary look.

Height: 117.5cm
Width: 51 cm
Depth: 51cm
Weight: 15.9kg
Capacity: 200L
Colour: Brunswick Green

Two people required for hot composter assembly.

More info:

This hot Aerobin composter will work best when at least half full and when waste is premixed before its loaded into the hot composter bin to avoid any concentrations of individual matter.

Ensure any woody material is shredded or mulched before adding to the composter to allow for quicker breakdown.

If you want to get the hot composting underway quickly, add a layer (5cm) of non-sterilised compost to the base of the bin.

Problem solving:


  • When too wet:

  • Compost not heating up

  • Bad smell

  • Not decomposing well


  • Take out the material and add back in with layers of dry, brown material (leaves, sawdust, wood shavings). 

Newspaper (if scrunched up/shredded) counts as brown material and will help. 

If larger leaves and garden material not decomposing, shred into smaller pieces.


  • When too dry:

  • Not decomposing


  • Take out the material, and start the process again. Take care to layer, dry brown materials between wet, green materials (grass, kitchen scraps, other plant material).

  • If compost is too dry, it becomes water repellent and is difficult to re-wet. 

  • Avoid putting dry materials in composter, unless mixed or moistened with wet, green materials.


  • Insects

  • Hot composter attracting insects


  • It is normal to have flies and small insects in and around the hot composter. They are a natural part of decomposition. 

If these insects are annoying, cover with shredded paper, grass clippings or use a pyrethrum spray.

Green, wet materials to use in your hot composter:

  • Tea leaves/tea bags

  • Green garden cuttings

  • Lawn clippings and weeds

  • Coffee grounds

  • Food scraps

  • Citrus and onions (small)

  • Vegetable peelings

Brown (dry) materials to use in your hot composter:

  • Long yellow grass

  • Roots or branches, mulched

  • Pea straw

  • Leaves or small twigs

  • 'Balled up' newspaper or office paper

What NOT to use in your hot composter:

  • Oils

  • Meat

  • Fish

  • Wood

  • Glossy magazines

  • Dairy

  • Faeces from meat eating animals

  • Ash


Height: 117.5cm

Width: 51 cm

Depth: 51cm

Weight: 15.9kg

Capacity: 200L

Colour: Brunswick Green

Two people required for bin assembly.

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