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Organic Compost Booster Powder Peat-Free 800g

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Organic compost booster powder is a revolutionary new organic compost booster powder that is guaranteed to bring life to your garden and plants. This unique formula offers a variety of benefits to your garden, promoting happier, healthier plants, fruit, and vegetables. Whether you are potting up seedlings, transplanting flowers, shrubs, or trees, or maintaining established pots and containers, this product will give your plants the support they need to thrive.

This compost booster powder is designed to provide up to 2x crop yields and bigger, brighter blooms. It strengthens the plant, making it more resistant to disease attacks and helps the plant withstand stress conditions like heat, drought, and overwatering. The slow release of essential nutrients ensures long-lasting support and improved water retention.

Additionally, this organic compost booster powder promotes better root development and is packed full of natural bio-stimulants and organic matter. This combination of nutrients provides a comprehensive feeding system for up to 40 plants, helping to create a lush and thriving garden.

This compost booster powder is produced using sustainable manufacturing processes that minimize harm to the environment. The process reduces the carbon footprint and avoids harmful gas emissions, such as methane and ammonium.

When potting up seedlings, simply mix 4 tablespoons (60ml) for every 3 litres of potting compost and water in lightly. For potting into plant pots or containers, mix 4 tablespoons (60ml) for every 3 litres of soil or compost, add the plant, and water in gently. After 4 weeks, add an additional tablespoon (15ml) to the top layer of the pot and water in.