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Coir Compost Disks

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These compressed coir pellets are easy to use, sustainable, and suitable for plant propagation. Simply water and watch them expand into the perfect seed cultivator. Often used by both professional propagators and home gardeners alike.

The coir pellets are made from 100% coir, offering a sustainable and peat-free alternative to traditional growing media. This aligns with the growing concern for environmentally friendly gardening practices.

The use of an RHP-certified coco-substrate ensures the quality and fully certified offering peace of mind that we are fully compliant with industry standards.

Our coir disks are manufactured in Sri Lanka, utilising a by-product of the coconut industry.

The use of these coir disks results in stronger roots and well-aerated, fast-draining plugs. This makes them suitable for a variety of plants and improves plant health.

The coir pellets are available in two sizes; 3cm or 4cm Disks. This versatility caters to different scales of propagation, providing options for both professional growers and home gardeners. Once moistened, the disks expand to approx. 3 inches.

The coir disks present a great opportunity to those wanting to contribute to environmental conservation while achieving optimal gardening results.

Available in pack sizes:

3cm Pellets – pack of 90

4cm Pellets – pack of 72

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