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Codling Moth Nematodes Treats 16 Trees

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Codling moth nematodes is a solution covering up to 60sqm combating the challenges posed by Cydia pomonella, commonly known as codling moths. This formulation comprises 10 million mixed Steinernema nematodes, designed to protect up to 16 trees, including apples, pears, quinces, and nuts.

Codling moths follow a predictable life cycle, laying eggs in the autumn and releasing larvae in the spring. These larvae tunnel into fruits, causing internal damage. To break this cycle, it is recommended to apply codling moth nematodes during key windows: in April/May when larvae hatch, and in September/October when new eggs are laid. This proactive approach disrupts the life cycle, effectively reducing moth populations and preserving the integrity of your produce.

Complementing the nematodes, our codling moth traps incorporate pheromone lures, establishing a comprehensive defence strategy. Utilise these traps during summer to detect and minimise moth presence, ultimately curbing the number of eggs laid at the season's end.

Pest Appearance: Codling moth larvae manifest as small white, brown-headed caterpillars.

Infestation Indicators: Recognise a codling moth larvae infestation by visible bore or feeding holes on apples or pears. Early ripening and premature falling of crops may signal a codling moth culprit.

Ideal Application Conditions/Soil Temp: Apply when the minimum soil temperature reaches 12 degrees.

Storage Guidelines: Store nematodes promptly upon delivery. Keep them in the fridge or below 5 degrees until the expiration date on the package.

Use the entire pack. Wet bark and soil beneath the tree canopy before application. Apply the solution as a soil and tree drench. Apply during late May/July and September/ October. 1. Make a stock solution by emptying the whole packet into 4L of water and stir continuously. Once mixed this solution needs to be used within 4 hours. 2. Take 0.5L of the stock solution and pour into a separate bucket and mix with 4.5L of water stirring continuously. 3. Move the 5L solution from the bucket into a watering can. One watering can will treat 2 trees. 4. Repeat this process until all the stock solution has been used then water the treated area with the watering can or a hose pipe.

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