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Children's Gardening Tools

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Our three-piece children's gardening tool set, the perfect way to inspire your little ones to get outside, explore the great outdoors, and cultivate their very own garden.

The tool set includes a vibrant green hand shovel, measuring 20cms in length and 7cms in width, perfect for little hands to use for digging holes, scooping soil, and transplanting small plants. The shovel is made from durable, high-quality materials, so it can withstand the rough and tumble play of active kids.

The gardening tool set also includes a charming pink hand rake, which has three prongs and a length of 14.5cms. The rake is perfect for loosening soil, removing debris and leaves, and smoothing out rough spots in the garden. Your little ones will love to use it to make their garden neat and tidy.

Finally, our set comes with a navy trowel that is 21cms long. This versatile tool can be used for a variety of tasks, including digging small holes, planting seeds, and moving soil around. The trowel has a comfortable grip, so it's easy for little hands to hold and use.

Gardening with children has a wide range of benefits. It's a fantastic way to encourage outdoor play and physical activity, which is essential for healthy development. Gardening also helps children learn about the natural world and where their food comes from, which can promote an interest in science and the environment.

In addition, gardening with children can help to improve their mood, reduce stress, and increase their sense of responsibility and self-esteem. By caring for their own plants, children learn to nurture living things, develop a sense of ownership, and gain a sense of accomplishment as they watch their plants grow and thrive.

Suitable for children 3+ years.

Weight: 0.4kg

Materials: Durable wood and lightweight metal.





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