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Carrot Root Fly Nematodes 60sq.m

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Carrot root fly nematodes are a tailored solution crafted to shield your carrot crop from the persistent threat of Psila rosae, commonly known as the carrot root fly. Specifically formulated to cover up to 60sqm, these nematodes provide a robust defence against this relentless pest.

Carrot root fly emerges from the soil between April to June and again from August to October. During these periods, they lay fresh eggs in the soil, which hatch into creamy-coloured larvae in just 7 days. These larvae feed on the roots of your carrots, eventually burrowing into them and causing extensive damage. Our carrot root fly nematodes offer an additional layer of protection by specifically targeting the larvae and eggs of the carrot root fly.

Pest Appearance: The larvae of carrot fly are slim and have a creamy-yellow colour.

Infestation Indicators: As the plant roots develop and enlarge, the larvae mine into the roots, leaving unsightly characteristic reddish/brown tunnels below the skin surface. Initial signs include wilting and reddened leaves.

Ideal Application Conditions/Soil Temp: Ensure nematodes are not exposed to freezing or high temperatures. The minimum soil temperature for application is 10 degrees.

Application Tips: If applying over plants, water them within 30 minutes of application to wash the nematodes off the leaves and back onto the soil.

Storage Guidelines: Store nematodes promptly after delivery. They can be stored in the fridge or below 5 degrees until the expiry date on the package.

Protect your carrot crop effortlessly with Gardening Naturally carrot root fly nematodes. Follow these simple steps for a thriving harvest, free from the damaging effects of carrot root fly infestations.

Use the entire pack. Make a stock solution by emptying the whole packet into 6L of water and stir continuously. Once mixed, this solution needs to be used within 4 hours. Take 0.5L of the stock solution and pour it into a separate bucket, mixing with 4.5L of water while stirring continuously. Transfer the 5L solution from the bucket into a watering can. Apply to the soil surface around the plant stems. One watering can will treat approximately 5m2. Repeat this process until all the stock solution has been used, then water the treated area with the watering can or a hose pipe.

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