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Cable Ties Pk100

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Small cable ties, also known as tie wraps, are a versatile and convenient tool that can be used for a variety of purposes in the garden. Some potential uses for small cable ties in the garden include:

Supporting plants: Cable ties can be used to support plants that are growing vertically, such as tomatoes or climbing roses, by securing them to stakes or trellises.

Attaching netting or mesh: Cable ties can be used to attach netting or mesh to structures in the garden, such as hoops, cages, fences or arbors, to provide support or protection for plants.

Fastening irrigation or drip line: Cable ties can be used to fasten irrigation or drip line in place, helping to ensure that water is delivered consistently to plants.

Organizing garden hoses: Cable ties can be used to organize garden hoses by bundling them together, helping to keep the hose from tangling or getting in the way.

Attaching plant labels: Cable ties can be used to attach plant labels to pots or other containers, helping to identify the plants that are being grown.

2.5mm x 10cm (4")

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