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Bustaseed Propagation Kit

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This complete self-watering Bustaseed Propagation Kit is ideal for seedlings and plants.

It has a lightweight design that is ideal for children, people with arthritic hands or anyone who struggles with heavy weights.

It is an easy-to-empty propagation kit which ensures effective, gentle extraction of plants ready for potting out without disturbing the roots.

Using an environmentally conscious design, this Bustaseed, tip-out Propagation Kit has been innovatively created to conserve water by watering seedlings and plants from below.

This Bustaseed Propagation Kit also has bright, white insert rows to allow light to reflect upwards helping the seedlings and plants to absorb warmth and light easily.

This self-watering Bustaseed Propagation Kit will enable you to grow all sorts of seedlings and transfer the plants to pots or the garden without damaging the roots.

Perfect for starting off most plants and seedlings including; herbs, shrubs, fruits and vegetables.

To best help your seedlings, use the Bustaseed Propagation kit on a warm windowsill or in a greenhouse.

Use the Bustaseed Propagation kit on a warm windowsill or in a greenhouse to best help your seedlings.

Contains 7 insert rows of 5 plant modules enabling you to grow 35 seedlings into plants, a base tray and 1 clear lid.


Kit dimensions:

L- 37cm x W- 25cm x H 5cm (cell depth).

Weight: Full kit- 795g approx.

Insert tip-out rows- 7 rows of 5 cells per kit (35 cells total)

Materials: polypropylene


All components of the Bustaseed Propagation Kit are fully recyclable.

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