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Bokashi Soil Improver 25kg bag

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Elevate your gardening experience with the Bokashi Soil Improver, a 25kg bag of natural and organic brilliance meticulously crafted through the fermentation of straw flour and apple pulp. This nutrient-packed blend is designed to revolutionise soil health, providing a sustainable and organic solution for enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

Peat free compost, often fortified with nutrients when first purchased releases this far nutrient slower than traditional peat based composts.  You may also find a big difference in water retention properties due to the lack of peat, adding Bokashi soil improver can dramatically improve the nature of your peat free compost adding back into the soil rich organic matter and banishing the water logging to drought loop caused by the high content of wood pulp and coir with poor moisture retention. 

Bokashi soil improver not only enhances soil vitality by activating microbial life but also contributes to a sustainable nutrient cycle by mitigating nutrient leaching. Retaining carbon and nitrogen fosters a nutrient-rich environment, promoting biodiversity and creating a healthier, more resilient ecosystem in your garden.

Abundant in metabolic products, including natural antibiotics, growth hormones, and organic acids, it stands as a testament to its commitment to organic farming compliance, containing exclusively approved raw materials.

Manufactured using organic natural ingredients like worm castings and seaweed extracts.

Application: Simply work into your existing beds and planters.  One bag is sufficient for 25 - 50m².

Shallow working: Apply 0.5-1KG per m²

One bag (25kg) will cover 25-50 m²

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