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Dovecote Nest Box Wired Camera with 30m Cable Gift Set

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Give the perfect present for all keen bird watchers and nature lovers.

The Dovecote Nest Box and Wired Camera gift set is the ideal present for you or the bird lover in your life.

This bundle comes with a wired camera with 30m cable and tv connection and a delightful Dovecote Nest Box.

No need to look up DIY birdhouses or how to build a birdhouse in your garden.

Live stream the birds as they settle in to their new home and connect directly to TVs and recorders.

The Dovecote Nest Box Wired Camera with 30m Cable Gift Set will come beautifully gift wrapped as shown in the images.


Bird Box

A stylish, dovecote design, constructed and created to house birds such as wrens, tits, and other small birds.

They can be either free-standing or pre-built into the end of a house or an outhouse.

The structure is also often used for small nesting boxes as birds have been shown to enjoy the shape.  

Wildlife camera
A small and compact, garden wildlife camera, especially designed for outside, bird house recording.

Watch live as the wildlife excitement unfolds on your TV.


Wildlife Camera

Dovecote Bird Box

Quick start wildlife camera guide

Mounting bracket, screws and accessories

Mains power supply

30m of cable with TV connection

Gift Box 

Dovecote Nesting Box & Birdhouse FAQs

What size does a bird house hole need to be?

The ideal size opening for a bird house nesting box is 32mm, this permits most birds that are enticed to nesting boxes to enter the bird house.

How do I entice birds to my dovecote nest box?

Like most wildlife, birds will be drawn to your nest box by food. Place some feeders near to your dovecote nesting box and they should begin to investigate the area.

If you don’t now have a bird feeder, have a peek at our swing seat bird feeders.

When to clean out bird nest boxes

We recommend that idle nests be removed in the autumn, from September after the birds have ceased utilizing the nesting box. Use boiling water to kill any remaining parasites, and let the box dry out completely. Do not use any chemical pesticides as this can be toxic to birds.

How do birds claim a nesting box

The struggle for nesting boxes and bird houses can be extreme, so birds frequently try to claim a new home as soon as they're comfortable with their environment. To obtain the nesting box, they peck around at the nest box opening – a visible and distinct signal to additional birds who may possibly have their eye on the nesting box.

Dovecote Nesting Box Specifications:

Dimensions: 470 x 260 x 160 mm

Weight: 1.66kg

Materials: FSC timber, Steel finished black

Colour: Natural wood, White with Black metal finishes

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