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Bee Revival Kit

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Choose from either: Gold, Black, Grey or Rose Gold.

If you have ever noticed a bee that looks like its struggling and tired and wished you could help, then this sugar water revival kit is for you.

A meaningful and thoughtful gift for an animal lover or anyone conscious of the amazing work these tiny insects do for planet earth.

This bee revival kit can be easily attached to a keychain or bag at the ready with sugar water. Meaning if you see a tired bee or other beneficial insect  is struggling whilst out on a walk, you can help them immediately.

How to know if a bee is tired and struggling

Often these insects can get a bit tired and start struggling on their pollinating journey from flower to hive.

If they land on a windowsill or someplace other than a flower, they may be tired and struggling and need your urgent help.

This revival kit provides an emergency sugar water solution to revive a tired, struggling bee so it can continue its pollinating work.

What to do once you have helped the bee

Once you have fed the tired, struggling insect with this sugar water revival kit, it is best to place them on a flower if they haven’t flown off yet. This way they can feed off the nectar when they have the strength.

Choose from either: Gold, Black, Anthracite Grey or Rose Gold.

Should you give bees sugar water

Revival sugar water solution is a good quick energy source for a tired, struggling bee. But do not leave this out. It will attract honeybees who will become dependent on the sugar and take this back to the hive instead of beneficial, nutrient dense nectar.

Does sugar water help all tired bees

Unfortunately, some bees will be naturally coming to the end of their life and sadly you won't be able to save all the bees with this sugar water revival kit. Giving any tired, struggling insect sugar water from this revival kit allows them to have the greatest chance of survival.