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MK7 Greenhouse Autovent Bayliss

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This autovents automatically opens and closes hinged vents. The autovent uses energy from the sun and surrounding air, the hotter the temperature the wider the vent will open. 

The Bayliss MK7 Autovent is supplied in a satin anodised finish, with all the fixings and instructions.

Designed for timber or aluminium framed vents measuring up to 60cm x 60cm (2ft x 2ft), has a lift load of up to 6kg and opens to a maximum of 30cm (12"). Can be set to start opening from 12°C (55F)

Preparing for fitting:

Remove the autovent unit and fixing pack from the box
Place the unit in a cool place for half an hour – in a fridge is ideal. This will allow the wax in the power tube time to contract as it cools.
When the autovent unit is cool, remove from the fridge and place the steel piston rod, against a hard surface and push it firmly back into the tube. The autovent is now ready to fit.
Because the design of greenhouse vents varies considerably, it is impossible to illustrate every type of fitting. Choose the fitting method most suitable from those in the instruction booklet. To ensure that the autovent is not overloaded and that head room or growing space is not reduced. It is important that the gap between the straight link and the glass in the vent is the same at both ends when the vent is closed.


When the Autovent has been fitted, take the knurled adjuster screw from the fixings pack and slip it over the piston rod. If necessary, open the window with one hand and screw the knurled adjuster into the swivelling block until the Autovent until holds the window open 1/8 inch (3mm) when you lower it slowly take your hand away. Setting is best carried out when there is no wind blowing through the window and setting and when the temperature measured by a thermometer placed or hung on the autovent unit indicates the temperature at which you wish the vent to start opening. If you wish the Autovent to start at a higher temperature, screw the adjuster out of the swivelling block and vice versa, but make sure that at least four threads on the adjuster screw are engaged.

How it Works:

The autovents strong metal tube contains a mineral wax which expands with heat. This pushes a piston which opens the vent via a balanced linkage. As the temperature drops, the wax shrinks and a strong stainless steel spring closes the vent and resets the piston.

Other information:

The MK7 Autovent is designed in such a way that it will not open in cold or windy weather. It is fitted with a strong stainless steel spring to hold it steady, but in high winds other windows and doors should be kept closed.

At full stretch on a hot day the MK7 Autovent will give a maximum opening of approximately 12” (30cm). It should not be harmed by low temperatures and can even be left on the window all year round.

If there is an existing vent stay, this should be removed or fastened in such a way that it cannot stop the Autovent unit from working.

Designed for timber or aluminium framed vents measuring up to 60cm x 60cm (2ft x 2ft)

Has a lift load of up to 6kg and opens to a maximum of 30cm (12")

Can be set to start opening from 12°C (55F)


All Bayliss products are guaranteed for two years against faulty manufacture. They are designed and tested to last for many years and are fully serviceable

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