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Medium Bat Box

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An artificial draft-proof garden roost, designed to encourage bats into the surrounding area. Complete with bat-friendly grooved ladder. Simply affix wildlife house to a garden tree or wall with a nail.

Why do I need a bat house?
Fitting this wildlife house in your garden, not only provides a safe environment for bats it will also protect your garden from insect pests such as mosquitos, moths and beetles. These garden insects are a desirable food source for bats, meaning you can enjoy your garden without being bothered by as many pests or insects.

Garden wildlife houses give female bats a warm, safe and predator-free place to raise their young. Most species only have one pup a year resulting in slow growing populations.

Where do bats roost?
Typically, most bat species will roost under the bark of a dead tree. An appealing wildlife house should mimic the narrow, rough space between the bark and trunk of a tree.
These little creatures are known to like tight, enclosed spaces so the inside of this garden wildlife house is designed to imitate this.

Where is the best place to put a bat house?
This garden wildlife house should be sited at least 4m above the ground, away from artificial light sources. Somewhere sheltered from strong winds with a sunny aspect for warmth. Recommended placement for this garden wildlife house is South, South-East or South-West facing.

Bats use dark tree lines and hedgerows for navigation, so putting garden wildlife boxes near these features should help them find the box.

Please note: Bats are vulnerable wildlife and fully protected under UK law. Once bats have moved in, a wildlife box can only be opened, moved, or disturbed by someone with the right license. This is the case all year round, even if the bats are only in residence for part of the year. For more information, please visit

Do not paint the garden wildlife box, as bats are highly sensitive to chemicals.

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Height: 28.5cm
Width: 14cm
Depth: 9cm
Entrance slit: 20mm
Material: Timber, natural wood, metal
Colour: Natural wood

How to install:
This garden wildlife house is easy to set up, just attach to desired location with a nail.

Bat facts:
The most common British bat is the Pipistrelle bat, weighing just 5g.
A single Pipistrelle can eat up to 3,000 insects in one night.
Pipistrelle’s have an average wingspan of 20cm, despite only having a tiny body.

Bats can usually be spotted between April to November, as they tend to hibernate over winter. The best time to watch them is around dusk.

Height: 28.5cm
Width: 14c
Depth: 9cm
Entrance slit: 20mm
Material: Timber, natural wood, metal
Colour: Natural wood

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