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Bamboo Garden Wind Chime

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Add a sense of wonder and history to your garden with a bamboo windchime. 

A bamboo windchime can add music to entrances or your garden. The melodies of a windchime are random and created by chance, but if the wind strikes this garden windchime just right, it might create some basic chords or even a simple song. 

Wind chimes have been around for thousands of years. In ancient times wind chimes were thought to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune to whoever hung them. 

Wind chimes are perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of music to their garden, or greet visitors with a tune. 

Hang it by a door, from a tree or anywhere in your garden to create a welcoming environment.

Hand crafted and finished with a beautiful natural bamboo.

What are windchimes?

Windchimes are categorised as a percussion instrument. They create sound when the wind blows against them and causes the tubes of the windchime to hit together. Because of their random nature, it's rare that you would play the windchime. However, they have been known to create basic chord shapes, melodies and even simple songs. 

Who invented the windchime? 

Windchimes are said to originate from China in 1100bc and were said to ward off evil spirits and invite kind spirits. 

In the 1800's when Japan began to trade with Europe and the Americas, windchimes were brought over for the first time. This is why you can enjoy garden windchimes today. 

Windchimes come in a variety of tones, sizes and shapes for you to enjoy.

Length: 34cm

Diameter: 12.5cm 

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