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Artisan Pond Mud Balls

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EM Mudballs are a combination of Bokashi wheat bran, clay, EM microbes, and EM ceramic powder hand pressed into mud balls. This combination has been proven to work, stimulating sludge-eating microbial activity without the use of artificial chemicals. This process aids in breaking down organic matter, reducing sludge buildup,  promoting pond clarity and health while being safe for all aquatic life.

Adding these mud balls to your pond is a simple and convenient process. Just introduce 1 ball per 1000 litres of pond water, and for ongoing maintenance, add 1 ball per square metre every 6 months. This hassle-free application ensures a consistent and effective treatment.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and opt for an organic pond treatment with EM Mud Balls. Embrace a sustainable approach to pond care that supports a balanced and natural aquatic environment.

Discover the effectiveness of EM Mud Balls and witness the positive changes in your pond's water quality and ecosystem. Embrace the beauty of a naturally balanced pond by incorporating this organic treatment into your routine pond maintenance.

Dimensions:  Approx 6.5cm dia.

Each ball is made by hand so the size may vary slightly.

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