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Aphidoletes aphidimyza 1000 Pupae

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Aphidoletes aphidimyza is a predatory gall midge species are voracious predators of aphids at the larval stage feeding on over 60 aphid species, including those common in field and protected crops within the UK.

One larva can survive on 5 large aphids but will kill up to 35 or more.

Aphidoletes will go into diapause at low light levels (mid-October to mid-March) so application should not be made around this time.

Dose rate:

1 individual per 1 m²

For local hotspots increase the rate up to 10 per 1 m².


Climatic conditions required:

Optimum temperature range for Aphidoletes is 15-27°C

Humidity levels of 20-80% are optimum


Application instructions:

Open bottle in the crop. Divide the mixture into small containers containing moist peat or vermiculite and distribute these throughout the crop OR open the bottle in the crop, and place small piles of the carrier material directly onto the growing media or moist capillary matting.

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