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Aphidius Colemani 500

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Parasitoid wasp targeting round bodied aphid species including Myzus persicae (peach-potato aphid) and Aphis gossypii (melon cotton aphid).

Attracted to the aphids by the scent released from honeydew secreted by the aphids.

The wasp uses its ovipositor to inject an egg into the aphid where within the host the wasp will develop turning the aphid into a golden mummy and eats its way out producing a hole in the side of the mummy.

Parasitisation can be up to 300 aphids per adult.

Dose rate:

1 individual per m²

Up to 5 individuals per m² if small colonies of aphids are observed.

Apply fortnightly- to three weekly intervals.

Climatic conditions required:

12˚C and above is required with efficacy decreasing above 30˚C.

Humidity levels of 60-80% are optimum

Application instructions:

With the vial held horizontally, carefully remove the lid. This should be done amongst the plants.

Release adult parasites by gently tapping the opened vial while walking through the crop.

Recap the vial and store at greenhouse temperature until more adults have hatched. Repeat the distribution of adults daily for 2-4 days.

Place the open vial containing the remaining mummies upright in the crop, adjacent to aphid colonies or tie the vial so that it hangs amongst the leaves.

Leave the vial in the glasshouse for 3-4 days. This allows the rest of the parasites to escape as they emerge from the mummies.

Use within 18 hours of delivery.


Vial of 500 Mummies/Adults

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