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Amblyseius Andersoni 200

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An effective native generalist predator for preventative control of spider mites, broad mite/tarsonemid mites, gall and rust mites, young thrips and cyclamen mite.

Has a polyphagous diet so during times of low prey populations it can sustain itself on pollen and fungal spores.

An effective predator early in the season to target spider mites emerging from diapause.

Dose rate:

50 mites per m² as a preventative, 100 to 250 as a curative per m².

1 sachet every 1-2 m²

1-2 sachets per plant for susceptible species.

Climatic conditions required:

Active at a broad temperature range of 6-40˚C

Instructions for use:

Do not hang adjacent to heating pipes.

Do not hang sachets where they will be directly exposed to intense sunlight.

Open the shipping box of sachets in the crop.

Separate sachets by tearing along perforations.

For Gemini sachets, the bottoms can be stapled together at the base to secure on the plant.

Continuous release of mites is between 6-8 weeks

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