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Ultra Fine Veggiemesh Insect Netting

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Ultra fine insect netting is a top quality garden netting which works the same way as standard Veggiemesh but it has smaller holes which enable you to grow fruit and vegetables free from insect damage including flea beetle, allium leaf miner and whitefly damage.

Excellent for screening vents and doors on the greenhouse. 

Mesh size:0.8mm x 0.8mm

The light and air passage is the same as our standard Veggiemesh because the yarn thickness on the Ultrafine is smaller than standard Veggiemesh.

Light passage = 90% and air passage = 95%. The weight is approx. 70gms/sq.m.


Always cover immediately after transplanting or sowing a crop allowing sufficient slack for the crop to grow.  

Covering will not protect from damage by flea beetles emerging under the netting.  Do not grow crops on land which has been  infected in the past 6/8 months and remove plant debris from previous infected crops.

 Ensure the ultrafine is secured by pegs or by burying the edges.

 Insect screening

Veggiemesh Ultra-fine may also be used to screen glasshouse doors and vents to exclude insects.


May be washed at low temperatures using a mild detergent.


Ultra fine Veggiemesh® will keep out a wide range of garden pests including cabbage root fly, carrot fly, cabbage white butterfly, pea moth, leek moth, cutworm, onion fly, leaf miners and many species of aphids.

It offers 100% protection from flea beetle and whitefly damage.

Mesh size: 0.88mm x 0.88mm . Light passage = 90% and air passage = 95%. The weight is approx. 70gms/sq.m.

Yarn Thickness: 0.21mm compared to 0.24 on our standard Veggiemesh


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Need help with your netting size?

Put the height of the cage, tunnel or vegetable plot (crop height for plots) then the width and the length, then just hit calculate.

Result (Width and Length) : 13m X 12m