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Darlac Lawn Scarifier DP888

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Scarifying is the most important task next to regular mowing, and can help you to achieve the best possible lawn.

Scarifying improves the grass and soil condition of your lawn by removing dead leaves and thatch build up. Dead grass, roots and other material, can choke a lawn robbing the soil of air, water and essential nutrients.

The best time to scarify is in autumn, before applying fertiliser, or mid-spring as the grass starts to grow. Treat any moss problem before scarifying.

After scarifying your lawn will look ragged but will recover quickly, as new grass fills in any bold patches. If extensive patches occur, re-seed where necessary.

The telescopic handle with a simple twist lock mechanism is extendable from 97cm to 1.5m creating a comfortable working height for all. The tool head includes 11 blades.

The base is 40cm wide.

The Darlac lawn Scarifier is easy to manoeuvre. Pull it towards you at an angle of about 45˚ - a higher angle will raise the blades off the ground, a lower one will dig them into the soil. According to the angle you choose, 11 blades will dig or brush the lawns surface pulling out the thatch. Push the Scarifier away and pull back again repeatedly. Clear away the resulting thatch with a rake.

The Scarifier is made of strong powder-coated steel, for additional robustness.


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