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Wormery Starter Kit

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Our basic Wormery Starter Kit is everything you need to begin your wormery composting journey. This is the perfect beginners bundle for anyone new to creating vermicompost or to restart or re-energise an existing wormery you may have

Vermicomposting (process of composting using worms) is an excellent way to reduce your household waste, produce nutrient-rich castings and liquid plant food for your garden and is much faster way to compost compared to traditional composting. 

The Liquid plant food takes 6-8 weeks and is high in the major plant nutrients - potassium and phosphorus and has a medium level of nitrogen which is rich in essential minerals and trace elements. 

This basic wormery starter kit includes tiger worms which are the best type of worms you can use in wormery composting. 

You can choose between having live worms or a worm card to redeem at a later date. 

Please see more information for info on how to redeem your worm card. 

Contents: 250g pouch of tiger worms, 650g coir block bedding and 1.5kg lime mix. 

Weight: 2kg

Please note: Because of the way the worms are stores, they may arrive in a dormant state. They are still happy and healthy but may need a few days to wake up. 

Wormery/compost bin not included in this product. 

Have a look at our wormery compost bins here.

Once your wormery is assembled, add two good-sized handfuls of rotting waste to a bottom corner of your bin and place the lid on top.

You should wait a week before adding further waste as during the first few weeks, the worms are settling in and exploring their new home. 

Start adding a couple of handfuls of waste every few days at first and slowly increase accordingly. 

Once established your wormery should cope easily with the average food waste of a family of four.

Lime Mix: This mix will ensure that the environment in the womery is stable and non-acidic. Simply add a handful every month, or more if you use lots of acidic fruits. Typically this bag should last you about 6 months. 

Worms: Tiger Worms are the best worms you can use in your wormery for worm composting. They're supplied in soil and in breathable pouches. 

Coir Block: Approx. 650 grams in weight. Coconut Coir is extracted from the husk on the out shell of a coconut and has an excellent water holding capacity. 

To redeem your worm card please post the card to the following address:

Original Organics

54 Wilbury Way, Hitchin, Herts, SG4 0TP

Contents: 250g pouch of tiger worms, 650g coir block bedding and 1.5kg lime mix.

Weight: 2kg

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