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Wormery Black and Green

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The stylish and unique wormery in green and black can fit into any area perfectly around your home. As well as its stunning finish, the worm farm will only take up a small amount of room with its subtle design. They look great on balconies, decks or any garden.

It features two working trays, a lid, base, a liquid collection tray and a coconut peat. The tray is easy to slide, giving the farm optimal airflow for worms. The farm is made from recycled material making it sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Size: 381 × 381 × 279 mm.

Weight: 3.6kg.

The optional extra of wooden legs will elevate the farm for an easier filling while also enabling a taller container to sit underneath.

The weight of the legs are 0.8kg.

We also offer an additional drainage kit which will improve the airflow within the farm and not allow liquid to build up inside it. You will be able to divert the liquid from the farm into any direction you like. The kit allows you to connect a threaded fitting to the wormery and connect to any tube that can be fed into the garden.

It comes with a standard thread to be able to suit other fittings.

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