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Wooden Nest Box for Small Birds

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This quality, plastic-free, wooden and stainless steel nest box is the perfect addition to any keen birdwatcher’s garden.

Inspired by the classic beach huts of New England, this quirky little garden nest box features a real shingle roof and lapboard sides with a silvered hole protector.


Why should I add a nest box to my garden?

Setting up a nest box in your garden will provide an essential nesting and sheltering area for garden birds.

During the cold winter especially, many birds will roost in nest boxes to keep warm. Often birds will roost together for extra warmth.


What type of birds will my nest box attract?

This nest box is ideal for all small garden bird species including Blue tits, Goldfinches and Robins.

It is not only a delightful accessory to garden, it is also a warm place to welcome feathered friends all year round.

It is not uncommon for multiple garden birds to huddle together in a nest box during the colder months.


Do I need to add nesting material to the nest box?

It’s best to leave the nest box empty as wild garden birds will want to furnish themselves with their own nest materials.

How to install the nest box?

The ideal aspect facing in your garden is East although South East and North East are also fine.

Multi siting installation, on either a tree, wall or garden fitting at least 1.5m-2.5m above the ground. Somewhere easy  for birds to fly into.


How to open the nest box?

Before opening the nest box, observe from a distance and avoid any contact with the box during bird nesting season (April and May) as any interaction may result in the parent bird’s eggs or chicks being abandoned.

When you know the next box is vacant of garden birds, it can be easily opened by swinging the brass catch to the upright position and pivoting the nest box and opening it at the bottom.

In between breeding seasons you may want to clear out any old nesting materials to prepare for the next inhabitants. They will want to choose their own nesting materials from your garden.

No plastic and only water-based paints.


Height: 245mm

Depth: 150mm

Width: 175 mm

Weight: 825g

Materials: FSC timber, stainless-steel

Colour: Green and natural wood


These nifty bird nest boxes are made from a slow-seasoned FSC timber, which allows them to be painted annually (if desired) with matching water-based paints to maintain their charming appearance.

Water-based paints used with a screwed construction and absolutely no plastic.

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