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Tumbling Dual Composter 140L - 2 Cell x 70L

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Our dual chamber tumbling composter is a great way to speed up the composting process. The dual chamber design allows you to easily fill one chamber and leave it to mature while adding new materials to the other side.

The tumbling/rotating action of the composter takes the hard work out of composting, without the rotating action the compost would need to be manually turned on a regular basis to aerate and mix the contents. The integrated spinning design means that your compost aerates quickly and effectively. 

Includes sealed plastic chambers which is great at preserving the heat produced from the compost.

UV stabilised.

Make compost in 3-4 weeks.


Width 65cm (25½ in) x Depth 60cm (24in) x Height 82cm (32in)

2 x 70 Litre (2 x 18.5 gallons)

BPA Free

Brown ingredients provide energy and green ingredients provide nitrogen. If your compost is too wet, add more browns material if it is too dry add more greens.

Green                                   Brown

Food scraps                         Leaves

Grass clippings                    Straw

Egg shells                            Wood Chippings

Weeds                                   Saw Dust

Feathers                               Tea and Coffee

Dead Plants



Width 65cm (25½ in) x Depth 60cm (24in) x Height 82cm (32in)

2 x 70 Litre (2 x 18.5 gallons)


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