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Fruit Tree Netting Bag

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Protecting fruit tree’s can be difficult because of their size and shape. They can also be susceptible to many pests such as fruit tree aphids, apple maggots, and the codling moth.

The fruit tree netting bag are bags made for fruit trees and are the most practical way to protect your fruit trees from insects and pests.

Easy to install fruit tree netting bags ensures that your apples and pears are protected easily.

What are the fruit tree netting bags made from?

Fruit tree protection netting bags are made from ultra-fine Veggiemesh 0.8mm x 0.8mm holes.

The lightweight nets allow air, water, and sunlight to reach your fruit trees whilst protecting the fruit from insects and birds.

The bags also come complete with a zip attached making them easier to place on the tree and reducing the risk of damage to delicate leaves, buds, and branches.

How do fruit tree netting bags protect fruit trees?

As shown in the images, the fruit tree netting bags provide complete coverage and protect your fruit trees from pests and frost.

Available sizes for fruit tree netting bags:

Small: 1.2m Wide x 2m High

Large: 2.5m Wide x 4m High

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