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Thrip Nematodes (Thunder Flies) Treats 60 sq.m

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Thrip Nematodes offer a natural solution to control thrips (thunder flies) in gardens, greenhouses, and houseplants. Covering up to 60sqm (2 x 30 sqm packs), these nematodes target harmful thrips species that suck sap from leaves and flowers, causing noticeable plant damage.

What are Thrips?

Thrip, insects belonging to the order Thysanoptera, include around 150 species in Britain. While many thrips do not harm host plants, some species can cause significant issues. Understanding their appearance and symptoms can help in effective management.

How do Thrip Nematodes Work for Thrip Control?

Thrip Nematodes are applied to the affected areas, where they actively seek out and infect thrip larvae and pupae, effectively breaking the thrip lifecycle and reducing their population. This natural method of pest control is safe for plants, houseplants, humans, and pets, making it an ideal choice for eco-friendly gardening.

Appearance of Thrips

Adult thrips are narrow-bodied and up to 2mm in length. They have two pairs of strap-like wings fringed with hairs, which fold back over their dorsal surface when at rest. The immature (nymph) stages are wingless, generally creamy yellow, and paler than the adults.

Symptoms of Thrip Infestation

Leaves fed upon by thrips often become dull green and later develop a silvery-white discolouration on the upper surface. These discoloured areas are marked by tiny black excrement spots. Thrip feed on developing tissues at the shoot tip or in flower buds can cause distorted growth. Flower petals may show white flecking, resulting from pigment loss due to thrips feeding.

Thrip Season

In greenhouses Thrips can breed all year round.  Many species also survive year round outside, ready for a break of warm weather when they become a real problem attacking your garden plants.


Coverage: Treats up to 60 square meters (2 x 30sqm treatments)

Application: Suitable for gardens, greenhouses, and houseplants

Target: Thrip larvae and pupae

Nematodes should be stored as soon as possible after delivery. They can be stored in the fridge or below 5oC until the expiry date on the package.

Do not freeze or expose to high temperatures. Minimum soil temperature for application 5oC.

The soil should be moist and should be kept moist for three to four weeks after application. Apply in the evening, when overcast or during rainfall. Water immediately after application.

If you are using over plants, water the plants within 30 minutes of application to wash the nematodes off the leaves and back onto the soil.

How To Use:

Wet foliage before application.

1. Make a stock solution by emptying one sachet into 2.5L of water and stir continuously. Once mixed this solution needs to be used within 4 hours.

2. Take the 2.5L of the stock solution and pour into your sprayer and mix with 4.5L of water stirring continuously to make a 7L solution.

3. Apply the solution as a foliar spray and directly make contact with the pest. Start spraying plants from the bottom up ensuring that the centre of the plant is treated. Alternatively, you can apply with a watering can, but ensure the plants are thoroughly soaked.

Each sachet will treat upto 30sqm.  At least 250-500ml of solution should be applied per square metre.

One nematode sachet is suitable for one treatment - repeat second treatment 5/7 days.

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