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Darlac Swop Top Cobweb Brush DP580

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The Darlac Swop Top Cobweb Brush connects to any of the Swop Top poles. The cobweb brush is perfect for reaching inaccessible areas such as the apex of larger greenhouses or conservatories. Also ideal for cleaning high ceilings.

The split tip bristles give superior, soft and gentle, cleaning action.

The great reach of this tool will allow you to clean all the inaccessible places in high ceilinged rooms. Its bristled loop will even allow you to wrap around objects like ceiling fan blades for a more thorough clean.

The stiffened bristles will deal with stubborn cobwebs whilst softer split tips easily remove any light dust.

Even when used with the tallest pole the combined weight is only just over 1 kilo making it manageable for almost anyone.

The Cobweb Brush connects to: DP560 Standard Pole; DP560/3, 3 Section Standard Pole; or the DP570 Giant Pole.


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