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Slug X Beer Slug Trap

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The Slug X beer trap is a patented solution for effectively removing garden pests such as slugs and snails. It is designed to be a safe and humane alternative to other methods such as slug pellets, which can be harmful to other wildlife. The Slug X is made from recycled polypropylene and is designed to be fully portable and easy to use.

Independent testers from The Daily Telegraph caught 147 slugs in just one night, proving its effectiveness. The Slug X beer trap is designed to attract slugs and snails using beer or bait. The strong smell that builds up inside the trap lures the slugs and snails into the trap with an irresistible aroma. Once inside, the slugs and snails become disoriented and fall into one of three drowning wells, effectively trapping them.

The Slug X consists of a base moulding that features three drowning wells and four 'funnelled' access points. A tight-fitting lid ensures that fumes from the beer generate quickly, attracting slugs and snails to their doom. Unlike many other slug traps on the market, which are designed to be semi-buried, the Slug X is fully portable and can be moved from place to place. The trap is equally effective when used on patios and decking. This makes it a versatile solution for controlling slug and snail populations in any garden or outdoor space.

The Slug X is not only effective, but also environmentally friendly. Unlike many other slug control methods, such as metaldehyde slug pellets, the Slug X does not use poison. Poisoned slugs are often eaten by birds and hedgehogs, which can cause harm to the wildlife. The Slug X will not cause harm to other wildlife, making it a safe and humane solution for controlling slug and snail populations.

The Slug X is easy to use and maintain. Simply place the trap in an area where slugs and snails are known to frequent and fill it with beer or bait. The slugs and snails will be attracted to the aroma and will fall into the drowning wells. The trap should be checked regularly, and the trapped slugs and snails should be disposed of in a safe and humane manner.

The Slug X beer trap is a patented, safe, and effective solution for controlling slug and snail populations in any garden or outdoor space. It is easy to use, environmentally friendly, and does not harm other wildlife. With a length of 26cm (10") width of 20.5cm (8") and height of 6cm (2.5"), it is easy to handle and store. It's a great way to get rid of pesky slugs and snails from your garden and keep your plants healthy.

Size: 26cm (10") Long 20.5cm (8") Wide 6cm (2.5") High

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