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Slug Plug Wool Pellets

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100% British made, natural wool slug pellets are perfect for protecting your flowers beds and vegetable patches from invading slugs. The wool slug pellets are a highly effective barrier to slugs and snails, as they irritate the foot of the slug or snail trying to travel across them.

The Gardening Naturally wool slug pellets come in three bag sizes, 3.5 litres, 7 litres and 15 litres.

The slug pellets also help to improve plant growth, the slug pellets contain biologically derived slow-release nutrients to help improve soil conditioning.

The wool slug pellets are also good for your plants. The slug pellets create an organic mulch, supressing weeds and helping to retain moisture within soil.

The pellets are sustainably sourced which helps to support British sheep farmers. 

The wool slug pellets are an entirely natural non-toxic slug pellet. They are safe for use around children, pets and wildlife. 

These Gardening Naturally slug pellets DO NOT contain metaldehyde which is a banned substance used in toxic slug pellets. 

When applying to pots and baskets: Ensure you cover the entire surface up to the edge of the container with pellets. 

When applying to individual plants: Create a 10cm wide circular band around the base of the plant.

When applying to a group: ensure you create a 10cm band all the way around the plant without any gaps.

Once applied, water generously and leave for the pellets to expand.

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