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Slug Collars for Individual Plants

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Protect selected plants from slugs and snails with these reusable plastic collars.

These reusable plastic collars are designed to create a barrier that keeps slugs away from your plants, while also providing protection from physical damage such as wind.

To use, simply push the ring a few centimetres into the soil around the base of your plant. The angled lip on the collar effectively keeps slugs and snails from getting too close, without harming them in any way. This makes it a humane and eco-friendly solution for protecting your plants.

The collars come with an optional extra of lids that can be used to create a mini greenhouse effect for germinating seeds. The small holes in the top of the lid allow you to water your crops without removing it, making it easy to keep your plants hydrated and healthy.

These collars are perfect for vegetable plants and are available in a size of 19cm diameter at the top, 13cm at the bottom and 14cm height. With their durable, reusable design, they're a cost-effective way to keep your plants safe from pests and damage.

Size of slug collar: Diameter: Top:19cm Bottom: 13cm, Height: 14cm

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