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Premium Walk In Fruit and Vegetable Cages

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Our premium walk In cages are constructed using exceptionally strong, black powder coated 27mm Aluminium tubing. Connected with galvanised steel joints, our premium cages will stand the test of time, protecting your fruit and vegetables for years to come.

Due to the strength of these cages, they prove ideal for exposed areas. The 1.9m (6’ 3”) internal height allows plenty of room for you to comfortably work in and there are a large variety of widths and lengths to choose from.

Choose from a variety of different netting types or select just the frame is you have your own netting.

Netting Types:

Bird/Fruit Netting - Poultry/Fruit Netting for the sides (17mm x 17mm mesh) and our black bird netting for the roof (20mm x 20mm mesh)

Soft Butterfly - Black mesh (7mm x 5mm mesh)

Green Soft Butterfly - Green mesh (7mm x 5mm mesh)

Green Bird Netting - Green mesh(20mm x 20mm mesh)

No Netting - Just frame and joiners

Please note our 27mm cages does not come with a door kit, this will need to be purchased separately should you require a door. They can be ordered by clicking here

(Please Note : If heavy snow is forecast please remove roof netting)

If the size you are looking for is not on the list, fill in the "Cage Enquiry" form and we will work out the nearest size for you. During the busy season please allow 3 days for a response. Thank you.

Cage Enquiry

Ensure the area where you are going to put the cage is flat and level. Mark out the 4 corners of the cage, ideally with string-lines. Taking this extra time at this point will save time with the cage erection.

Push the joiners onto the uprights(2.2m) as per your instructions.

Position and push the 2.2m uprights into the ground 300mm, ensuring that the poles are upright.

Slot the crossbars in section by section as per your diagram - Lock all remaining grubs with the allen key provided to secure
the frame. Insert End Bung into any open ends.

Start with the upright where you require the entrance to be. Take the longest 2m width (side) netting to any upright and secure the netting with the cable ties (4 per upright) and 1 every half metre along the top. Take the net around the frame, ensuring that the netting is pulled taught between poles. Once back to the starting upright we recommend cable tying the top half of the netting to the upright and then using the green rectangular net clips provided to allow easy access to the cage.

The (roof) netting needs to be pulled out to its full width then laid over the top of the cage and secured with cable ties.

Bury the ends of the netting in the ground and secure with steel pegs. We recommend using one every half metre.

(Please Note : If due heavy forecast of snow please remove roof netting before hand).

This cage will require two people to build.


27mm Aluminium Joiners

Steel Joiners

Side Netting and Roof Netting

Steel Pegs

Cable Ties

End Bung

Allen Key

Full Instructions

The exact external diameter 27mm.

The internal diamter is 23.76mm. The wall thickness is 1.62mm.

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