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Potato Grow Pot - Pack of 3

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Create ideal growing conditions for potatoes on patios, balconies and courtyards with our Black Grow Pots.

Grow potatoes without the need for a vegetable garden and check on their progress by lifting out the inner pot. 

Pick your own new potatoes week after week throughout the season with the new Potato pot.

New potatoes ready to pick in 8 weeks (10 weeks if the potatoes have not been chitted). Simply lift the inner pot and pick the larger tubers, leaving the smaller ones to grow on.

Reusable and easy to clean

Colour: Black

Pack of 3

Growing instructions:

• Place the inner pot in the outer pot and half fill with a multi-purpose compost. (Do not use a soil based compost such as John Innes).

• Place 3 seed potatoes about 10cm apart in line with the openings on the inner pot.

• Cover the potatoes with more compost to within 2-3cm of the top of the pot. Water thoroughly and place the Potato Pot in a warm and bright location.

• Continue to water regularly, adding a balanced, general purpose liquid feed from 4 weeks after emergence.

• After approx. 10 weeks you can begin harvesting your own new potatoes.

• To harvest, lift the inner pot and carefully remove the larger tubers. Replace the inner pot, leaving more to grow. Harvest again in 10-14 days!

• You can start harvesting up to 2 weeks earlier by pre-sprouting, or ‘chitting’ the seed potatoes. Place them in a light, frost free location with the bud end upwards. Egg boxes are ideal for this as it stops the potatoes falling over. This can be done from February.

• The process can be started in a greenhouse but once the potatoes have sprouted they should be moved outdoors.

• Potatoes cannot withstand frost. If there is a chance of frost, move the pot indoors overnight, or cover with Envirofleece 30g or a Plant Cosie.

• Use ‘early’ or salad potato varieties.

• Re-plant in August for a Christmas crop!

Size: H:29cm x W:27.5cm x D:30cm

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