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Darlac Pocket Chain Saw DP164

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With a 760mm high carbon, heat treated saw this nifty Pocket Chain Saw will cut up to 6 times faster than a traditional handsaw.

To work at ground level just fix a handle to each end and pull back and forth with slow steady strokes. A 3" limb can be severed in as little as 15 seconds! For higher growth throw the weighted rope over the limb first and pull up the chainsaw. Complete with a "Trueguide" it will automatically place the teeth onto the branch at the correct cutting position.

Comes with a handy belt pouch for ease of use

Cutting at ground level (including roots):
Connect handle through hole at end or the blade. Allow coiled blade to drop and connect second handle at other end.
Place over (or under if root pruning) the branch and pull back and forth with slow steady strokes using the full length of the blade

Cutting high branches:
Connect the free end of the first weight rope blade and then through ‘trueguide’
Connect the other end of the blade to the second rope using the hook provided.
Throw the weighted end of the first rope over branch
Pull weighted end until saw blade travels onto branch (the ‘trueguide’ will swivel and bring the saw blade onto the branch at a perfect angle for cutting)
Pull back and forth with slow steady strokes, using the whole length of the blade
To avoid risk of stripping bark, start the cut from one side and then move
Attach additional lengths of rope for extra high branches

Cuts almost any type of wood or timber
Can be operated by either one or two people
Attach longer ropes to cut higher growth
Unique trueguide to position saw correctly on branch

The high carbon steel, heat treated blade is 760mm (30”) long, has 70 links with 140 bi-directional teeth.

Cuts up to 6 times faster than a traditional hand saw. A 75mm (3”) limb can be severed in as little as 15 seconds.

The two 4.8 meter (16ft) polyester ropes allow for very high pruning and can easily be positioned using the 135g throwing weight provided.

The complete kit weighs a mere 524g and comes with a belt pouch for convenience

Contents: 1 x Chainsaw, 2 x Handle, 2 x 4.8m rope, 1 x 135g weight, 1 x Trueguide & 1 x Belt Pouch.

Cut Capacity - 200 mm

Weight - 534g 

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