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Phytoseiulus is one of the best methods for controlling red spider mite, and is widely used by both amateur gardeners and commercial growers. They are tiny predatory beneficial mites, shiny orange and fast moving, they feed on the eggs, young, and adults of the spider mite. Phytoseiulus breed very rapidly and spreads across foliage, ideal for both inside and outside.

The mites look actively for prey (all life stages of the red spider mite) and suck them empty. The ideal temperature for predatory mites is between 15 and 25°C. 

Treats up to 100sq.m

Please note: Orders for insects are placed with the supplier on a Friday morning at 8am for delivery the following week. Insects arrive with the customer on a Thursday or Friday. We do not hold stock

Predatory mites are delivered in the adult stage. The mites need to be set out as soon as possible. Just sprinkle onto the leaves of infected plants. The best time to do this is in the morning or in the evening, to avoid high temperatures. The mites together with the vermiculite have to be spread out on the plants to be treated.

Phytoseiulus are very effective and in the right conditions can achieve a complete clean up in several weeks. For severe outbreaks it is recommended that a further treatment is used two weeks later.

If you want to order two treatments at once just select  the date for the first order then add to basket then the second date and add that to the basket.