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Odour Free Comfrey Tonic

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Generations of gardeners worldwide benefited from the rich and diverse ingredients of comfrey. Potassium trace elements, vitamins, minerals and hormones.

Comfrey Tonic is a natural liquid feed for fruit, vegetable and flowers.

Unlike home made comfrey liquid, Comfrey Tonic does not smell.

Dilutes to 20 litres

NPK: 1, 5, 3

Mix: 25ml comfrey tonic to 1 litre of water

To measure: remove cap on the graduated side of the bottle. Squeeze bottle until measure is reached.

Tomatoes and other fruit – feed weekly.

-Flowers, fruit and vegetables – water after planting.

-Flowers – use weekly one the plant has begun to flower, continue weekly while in bloom.

-Peas, beans and potatoes – feed weekly after first flowers have set.