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Watering Can for Nematodes 6.5L - Green

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Introducing the perfect addition to your gardening tool collection: our 6.5L recycled, Watering Can for nematodes.

Made from high-quality, recycled materials for optimum durability, this watering can is built to specifically for nematode application.
It’s coarse rose head is sized perfectly to allow for accurate nematode application on all your garden plants.
Its sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand the demands of regular application.

This watering can for nematodes features a large, comfortable handle that makes it easy to hold and pour.
The unique spout design allows for a gentle and precise flow of nematode solution, making it perfect for applying nematodes to delicate garden plants as well as larger plants. The watering can also has an ample capacity of 6.5L to save time and energy by reducing the frequency of refills.

Our watering can for nematodes is a functional and sturdy choice for any gardener. It is easy to use and maintain. Its durable construction and clever coarse rose design make it a great choice for garden nematode plant application.
This watering can for nematode application is perfect for applying small quantities to much larger quantities of nematodes to all your garden plants.

Capacity: 6.5L
Material: Made from recycled materials
Colour: Green/Black

Width: 9cm

Depth: 39cm 

Height: 26cm

Capacity: 6.5L
Material: Made from recycled materials
Colour: Green/Black

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